How to Build a Cell Phone Tower

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Building a cell phone tower requires money, permission and outside workers.

Cell phone towers are an essential part of providing cell phone service. A collection of cell phone towers creates a cellular network, which provides coverage to a large region. Cell phone companies are frequently looking to build new cell phone towers in order to strengthen their service in a particular area, and these companies are often willing to rent already built cell phone towers on private property. Thus, if you have the means, building a cell phone tower on your property can be very profitable.


Step 1

Obtain good land. The most important aspect of being able to build a cell phone tower is to have good land to build it on. Ideal land for the construction of a new cell phone tower includes being far away from other towers, being in a densely populated area that uses cell phones and being in an area that your local government has zoned for the building of a cell phone tower.


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Step 2

Find an interested cell phone company. Building a cell phone tower can be very expensive (upward of $150,000). Thus, you don't want to build one unless you know a cell phone company is interested in leasing your tower. Many local governments won't even allow you to build a cell phone tower unless you have a letter of intent from an interested cell phone company.



Step 3

Contract workers. Needless to say, the construction of a cell phone tower is not an activity that can be done by a single person. While there are several different types of towers, the construction workers will build a tower that includes four basic parts: the tower itself, equipment, antennas and utilities.




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