How to Change an Image Background in MS Paint

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Microsoft Paint provides computer users with a streamlined set of tools they can use to complete a series of basic editing and creative functions successfully. Although Microsoft Paint does not offer the same set of resources found in professional software packages such as Adobe Photoshop, it is nevertheless an excellent addition to many users' toolkits. If you have an image for which you need to change the background in Paint, you can do so using a few simple steps. Fortunately, Microsoft Paint is accessible to individuals of all skill and experience levels.


Change a Background in Paint

If you are ready to change the background of an image in Paint, your first step is to open the designated image file by selecting "Open With" from the menu. From here, select "Paint" to open the file within the Paint application.

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Once the image file has been opened, you can begin the process to change the background in Paint. To accomplish this, you select the drawing tool from the main "Tools" panel. Use the "Size" drop-down box found in the on-screen window to increase the thickness of the drawing tool slightly. Once this has been accomplished, change the color of the drawing tool to a greenish hue so that it stands out against the image. If your image is already a greenish color, select a color from the menu that contrasts with those found in the image.


Using Windows 10 Paint to Replace Color Backgrounds

Carefully trace around the part of the image you want to preserve. Do your best to match the contours and fine details of the selection as closely as possible. Although there will be opportunities for fine-tuning later, attention to detail at this stage saves valuable time. When this step is complete, use the various fill and color-blocking tools to transform the rest of the background to the same color as the outline you drew. Now that the background is completely uniform, you can change the color or use transparency tools to paint a transparent background or add an entirely new image behind the particular section of the image you saved earlier. If you are unhappy with the outline you drew earlier, use the "Undo" command to revert to the original file or close the image without saving the changes and then reopen it.


When you are happy with the changes, save the image by clicking the "File" menu and selecting the "Save" option. You can save the image in a variety of compatible file formats depending on your particular needs.