How to Change the CMD Line Drive

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If you want to use the command line to perform tasks, you need to learn some basic coding to control it. To use the command line you must access Command Prompt in Windows. Command Prompt simulates MS-DOS, so you must use various DOS commands when you work in it. To change the drive in command line, you can use the "cd" command. The Change Directory (cd) command allows you to navigate through different drives. The cd command is used if you want to change to a specific folder location on the drive; otherwise, the drive can be entered at the top level.


Step 1

Type "cmd" at the Start screen and click on "Command Prompt" when it appears. You will now be able to work in the command line.

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Step 2

Type "D:" and press "Enter." This will change the prompt from reading "C: >" to "D: >." This is the most basic way of changing the command line drive.


Step 3

Type "cd /D X:\folder" if you want to change to a specific folder in another place. The "cd /D" tells the command line to change directory to a specific place on another drive. The "X:\folder" is the separate drive location and folder path. Press "Enter."





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