How to Change the Color of Your Laptop

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Change the color of your laptop with an inexpensive and fun accessory.

There are many different-colored laptops available on the market, but they can pose a few different problems. If you have a laptop that works fine, you won't necessarily want to purchase a brand-new one just because of the color. The second problem is you may--one day--really wish that you hadn't purchased a bright-green laptop. There is a very inexpensive and non-permanent solution to getting a colored laptop. Laptop skins-- thin, adhesive stickers that fits on the top and inside of your computer--can be purchased change the color of your computer. Best of all, they are also removable.


Step 1

Purchase a skin that you like in any color or with any graphic. Ensure that you purchase a skin in the correct size so it will fit your laptop properly.

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Step 2

Wipe off the top of your computer to remove any dirt or debris. If there are any spills, clean them off with a lightly dampened cloth.


Step 3

Place the skin--with backing still on--onto the top of your laptop. Once it's perfectly centered, tape the top and the bottom of the skin to the laptop. This will ensure that the skin is perfectly centered when adhered to the laptop.

Step 4

Fold the left side of the skin back until you reach the tape. Peel off the back from just that left side of the skin. Cut the backing off with a pair of scissors.



Step 5

Fold the left side of the skin back down slowly. While you're folding the skin down, use a credit card to scrape--gently--the skin down onto the laptop. This will ensure there are no air bubbles caught in the skin.

Step 6

Remove the tape from the laptop. Fold the right side of the skin back and remove the remaining backing from the skin.

Step 7

Fold the right side of the skin down onto the laptop. Use the credit card again to scrape the skin down onto the laptop.




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