How to Change the Name of a URL Link

By Tom Ryan

Using HTML (hypertext markup language) code to change the name of a link on a website is a valuable skill. Not only does it save character space, for a lengthy URL, but it also makes web page content much cleaner and easier to read. Moreover, it provides the inexperienced website reader with a set of directions. This is especially useful when compiling a long list of links, so that readers can more efficiently choose their next web destination. Changing the display name of a URL link, then, can give a more effective meaning or identification to a seemingly meaningless string of text.

Things You'll Need

  • Web address of your link/website
  • Concise description of your link

Step 1

Identify the exact web address to which you are linking. This identification is easy--you can simply copy the address from the address bar near the top of your screen. For example, if you are linking to, the address is simply Web addresses are not case-sensitive.

Step 2

Decide on a concise description, title or word to appear in place of your link. For example, you may choose to substitute "eHow" in place of "" You could also include directions in your substitution--"Click here to visit eHow," for example. This is especially useful for inexperienced Internet users, because it provides them with a set of clear navigational directions.

Step 3

Place your web address and concise link description into the appropriate HTML code:<a href="YOUR WEB ADDRESS HERE">YOUR LINK DESCRIPTION HERE</a>Remove the asterisks to make the code effective.For example, when linking to eHow, your code may look like this:<a href="">Click here to visit eHow!</a>(Remember that the asterisks must be removed to make the code active.)This simple code would display "Click here to visit eHow!" instead of ""