How to Change the Resolution on a Samsung TV

When comparing televisions, knowing their maximum possible resolutions can help you make your decision. Whether the TV can actually display that resolution depends in part on the input source. DVDs often provide the necessary resolution, while older cable boxes might not. Changing your Samsung TV's picture size helps you pick the right resolution for the input device. To change the picture size, use the remote control's "Aspect" button or choose "Menu" and go to the "Picture" section.

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Changing your TV's aspect ratio affects the resolution.
credit: Vlad Kochelaevskiy/iStock/Getty Images

Changing the Picture Size

The exact process for changing your Samsung TV's picture size and resolution varies, so check your user manual for specific instructions. In general, however, Samsung uses two processes. If your remote control has an "Aspect" or "P.Size" button, push it until you find the desired size. Options include the widescreen look of a 16:9 ratio or the traditional nearly square shape of 4:3. Within these shapes, choose options such as "Panorama," which fills the screen to the sides as much as possible and might add black bars to the top and bottom, or "Zoom," which fills the screen completely but often cuts off part of the picture's sides. On other Samsung models, press the remote's "Menu" button and use the volume buttons to navigate to the "Picture" menu. Choose "Picture Size" by pressing the "Channel Down" button and then select the appropriate size to change the screen's resolution.