How to Use SimpLink on an LG TV

Image Credit: David Ramos/Getty Images News/GettyImages

SimpLink turns your LG television into a giant multimedia screen by connecting the television to outside apps and services. It makes streaming through popular apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime possible, and it creates a more robust range of options for your television by using a single simple connection. Using the SimpLink system is easy, and after a few minutes of playing with the system, your intuition can guide you through the selection and loading processes for apps and outside services. The ability to organize your accounts and view options through SimpLink is a significant convenience.

Locate the HDMI output on your LG TV and the input on your external device. Insert the HDMI cable into each port to make the physical connection. Turn on your television to complete the connection and move forward to the setup process. To make sure your SimpLink is active and the HDMI connection is correct, select the SimpLink "Home" button on your LG remote and then choose the "Settings" option. Select "General" and "SimpLink" to open the setup menu. SimpLink is always accessible through the "Home" button on your LG remote. Using this button makes it easy to access apps, connected devices and your settings at any time.

After the SimpLink settings menu is launched, turn on the device to automatically enter the default settings. Within the menu, select any settings that require customization. If you want to adjust the default sound settings, select "Sound" followed by "Sound Out" to control your soundbar or external speaker settings. Leave the sound settings on the default when using the internal television speaker settings. The SimpLink automatically loads and connects when it is turned on and connected through the HDMI. The settings menu is best suited for connecting home theater systems and using advanced controls. If the connection is not complete, check your internet service to ensure a connection is possible. A stable connection is required to launch apps through SimpLink.

Turn Off or Disconnect

In some cases, you will want to operate the television without the SimpLink settings. The ability to use a DVD player or other input system without advance digital systems remains a possibility using the LG TV. Connect your external device and either select "Input" on the remote until you find the device or disconnect the SimpLink HDMI to eliminate interference. Reconnecting the SimpLink HDMI later restores the settings and returns the system to normal functions.