How to Play TV Sound Through Home Theater Speakers

Standard stereo cable for the TV connection to a receiver.

Televisions with a set of audio output jacks or a headphone jack can be connected to a home theater speaker system using a standard stereo cable. The TV connects to a receiver that provides power for the home theater speakers. Once connected, the TV's built-in speakers can be shut off, if desired, using the remote control. The TV must be connected to a power source, such as a receiver, rather than connecting directly to a speaker system. This is because the TV's built-in amplifier does not have sufficient power to operate external speakers.

TV-Receiver Direct Connection

Step 1

Switch off the power to all components and the TV while making the cable connections.

Step 2

Plug in the red and white connectors to the audio out jacks on the back of the TV. Red plugs into the right channel and white plugs into the left.

Step 3

Connect the other ends of the cable to a set of audio inputs on the receiver. Any pair of inputs will work.

Step 4

Turn on the receiver and the TV.

Step 5

Set the receiver's source selector to the set of jacks used to connect the television.

Step 6

Switch off the TV's internal speakers by pressing the "Menu" button on the remote control and using the down arrow keys to scan through the options. Highlight "Speakers" and press the left or right arrow key to turn off the TV audio so only the output signal to the receiver can be heard.

Alternative Connection With Cable or Satellite Receiver

Step 1

Plug in an RGB component cable from the video out jacks on the source component to a set of video inputs on the back of the receiver, such as "Video 1." The red, green and blue cable plugs connect to the colors on each jack.

Step 2

Hook up a second RGB component cable from the video out jacks on a receiver to the video in jacks on the TV.

Step 3

Connect a stereo cable from the audio out jacks on the cable or satellite box to the audio inputs on the receiver that are paired with the video inputs used in Step 1. This cable supplies TV sound from the source signal to the receiver for playback on the home theater speakers.

Things You'll Need

  • Stereo cable

  • 2 component RGB video cables