How to Hook up a DVD-VCR Combo With a TV & Cable Box

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Hooking up a DVD-VCR combo to a cable box and television allows you to record programming on the VCR, enjoy DVDs or simply watch cable TV. The combo unit conserves space by combining two AV components into one. A pair of composite cables can be used to hook up the combo unit between the cable box and the TV. The color-coded plugs on each end of the cables match the jacks on the equipment.


Step 1

Secure the coaxial cable from the cable box output jack to the "Coax IN" jack on the back of the DVD/VCR combo by turning the threaded coupler on each end of the cable clockwise around the jacks. If one end of the coaxial cable is already connected to a TV, unscrew the coupler from the back of the TV and reconnect to the DVD-VCR combo.


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Step 2

Plug a set of composite cables from the "AV OUT" jacks on the combo unit to a set of "AV IN" jacks on the back of the TV, matching the yellow, white and red plugs on the cables to the jack colors.

Step 3

Connect a second set of cables from the DVD-VCR combo's "AV input" jacks to a set of "output jacks" on the TV.



Step 4

Switch on the cable box, the combo unit and TV, then press the "Input" button on the TV remote control repeatedly until the cable signal appears on the screen.




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