How to Use TV Volume Control for External Speakers

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Controlling external speakers with a TV volume control requires an external amplifier to power the speakers with the TV connected to the amplifier in a specific way. The built-in amplifier on most televisions is only powerful enough to drive the TV's built-in speakers. Using the audio out jacks on a television with standard cables to an amplifier enables the volume buttons on the TV or the remote control to increase or decrease the sound level of external speakers.


Step 1

Insert the white and red plugs on a set of standard RCA audio cables into the left and right Audio OUT jacks on the back of a television.

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Step 2

Connect the other ends of the cables to a free set of Audio IN jacks on the back of the amplifier. Make a note of which set of jacks will be used for the connection.


Step 3

Adjust the volume on the amplifier no higher than midway, and then use the selector control to choose the set of jacks connecting the amplifier to the TV, for example, Audio Input 1.


Step 4

Use the buttons on the television or the TV remote control to adjust the volume of the external speakers.




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