How to Hook Up a Sony DVD Player

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How to Hook Up a Sony DVD Player
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Sony DVD players connect to a television or other audio-video (AV) component with a composite AV cable. The cable consists of three color-coded plugs on each end that match to the single video and two audio jacks on the back of a TV. Connecting the Sony DVD player to another component takes no more than a minute.


Step 1

Connect the three plugs on one end of the composite cable to the yellow video and white and red audio jacks on the back of the Sony DVD player. Match the plugs to the colors on the jacks.

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Step 2

Push the three plugs on the other end of the cable into the color-matching AV input jacks on the back of the TV. Make a note of which input jacks are used for the connection, such as Input 1 or Input 2.


Step 3

Plug in the power cords and turn on the equipment.

Step 4

Press the "Input" button on the TV remote control to match with the input jacks connecting the TV to the Sony DVD player, for example, Input 1. The Sony logo will appear on the TV.

Things You'll Need

  • Composite cable

  • TV