How to Connect a DVD Player to a Philips TV

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Connecting a DVD player to a Philips TV is no different than connecting a DVD player to any other TV.

The process of hooking up a DVD player to a Philips TV set is no different than hooking up a DVD player to any other model TV set. Output from your DVD player goes to your television set's input. It's a simple connection, generally requiring just one set of A/V cords. The connection process only gets a tad more complicated if you're using an older model Philips TV set that is not equipped with A/V input capacity. If this is the case, in addition to A/V cords, you also need an A/B switch and an RF modulator.


Step 1

Shut off your Philips TV before hooking up your DVD player to it. Whenever you're connecting cables between electrical devices, it's advisable to cut power before making your connections to prevent accidental electric shock.

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Step 2

Use your set of A/V cords to connect your DVD player's "A/V Out" jacks to one of the A/V In panels on your Philips TV. As you plug your A/V cords into their corresponding jacks, remember A/V cords are color coded. There are three A/V cords in a set — two audio cords and one video cord. The audio cords are red and white (or black). The video cord, also called a composite cable, is yellow. Each A/V cord should be plugged into the A/V jack that corresponds to its color.


Step 3

Turn on your Philips TV and the DVD player.

Step 4

Aim the remote control that came with your Philips TV at the TV set and press the "Source" button. Pressing the "Source" button changes your TV's video input channel. Continue to press the "Source" button until your TV's video input channel is set to the channel assigned to the A/V panel used to connect your DVD player to your Philips TV. You know you have the right video-input channel when you arrive at the channel showing a display of your DVD player's logo.

Things You'll Need

  • Set of A/V cords

  • RF modulator (optional)

  • A/B switch (optional)


If you’re using an older model Philips TV set that is not equipped with A/V input panels, connect an A/B switch to your TV’s "RF In" port to give the TV dual-RF input capacity. Screw the coaxial cable carrying the signal from your cable or digital converter box into one of the RF In ports on your switch. And connect an RF modulator to the other RF In port on your switch. One of the uses RF modulators serve is to give TVs without "A/V In" ports A/V input capacity. Plug the A/V cords coming from your DVD player into the "A/V In" ports on your RF modulator. To watch your DVD player, set your A/B switch to the "RF In" port your RF modulator is connected to.


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