How to Hook Up a DVD Player to a 60-Inch Sharp Aquos TV Using AV Cables

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Even if you have an older DVD player without high-definition ports you can still hook it up to your 60-inch Sharp Aquos TV with a set of standard AV cables. The Sharp's LCD display is designed to handle high-definition feeds from a video source, but it's also capable of displaying standard definition video and audio from a set of AV cables as well. The connection will only take a minute, and you can immediately begin enjoying your DVD collection on your new HDTV.


Step 1

Find the "Audio + Video OUT" ports on the rear panel of the DVD player and plug one side of the AV cables into the corresponding ports. The ports are color-coded the same as the AV cables. Plug the white cable into the white port and the red cable into the red port, and the yellow cable into the yellow port.


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Step 2

Insert the other end of the AV cables into the corresponding "Video + Audio INPUT" ports on the rear panel of the Sharp Aquos TV.

Step 3

Turn on the TV and press the "Input" button on the Sharp's remote until the picture from the DVD player appears on the screen.





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