How to Hook Up a DVD Player to a Sanyo TV

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Sanyo TVs are equipped with RCA-type jacks on a back panel for connecting audio/video equipment such as VCRs and DVD players. Some models are equipped with up to three sets of audio/video jacks for connecting several components, such as two or more DVD players, a gaming system or some combination of equipment. All of them connect the same way. The Sanyo remote control can be used to switch quickly from one component to another using the input function.


Step 1

Disconnect the Sanyo TV and the DVD player from the power supply.

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Step 2

Check the connections on the back of the Sanyo to determine which type of cable to use. If the available jacks are color-coded yellow, white and blue, the TV uses RCA composite cables. If the jacks are color-coded green, red and blue, with an additional pair of red and white cables, then the Sanyo is designed to use component video cables.


Step 3

Follow the color codes on the back of the Sanyo, connecting red to red, blue to blue and green to green for the component video input jacks, then connect the white and red cables to the left and right audio Input jacks on the Sanyo TV. Composite cables should be connected with the yellow plug to the video jack, and the white and red plugs to left and right audio.



Step 4

Connect the opposite ends of the cables to the corresponding output jacks on the back of the DVD player.

Step 5

Connect the electrical plugs for the Sanyo and the DVD player to a surge protector power strip and plug the strip into a wall outlet.

Step 6

Turn on the equipment and press the input button on the Sanyo remote control until the DVD player's main screen appears on the TV.




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