How to Charge the Battery on a Portable DVD Player

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A portable DVD player is an electronic device that plays DVDs on a small, attached screen.

A portable DVD player is a lightweight DVD player with a small television screen attached to it. They are made to be portable and are commonly used during a long car ride or during a flight. Portable DVD players are powered by rechargeable battery packs. These battery packs can be charged through an electrical outlet or a car cigarette lighter.


Step 1

Plug the power adapter into the power adapter outlet on the portable DVD player. The power adapter outlet is commonly located on the left- or right-hand side of a portable DVD player.

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Step 2

Plug the other end of the power adapter into the power source. This can be a car cigarette lighter or an electrical outlet depending on the type of power adapter you are using.


Step 3

Allow the power adapter to charge the portable DVD player battery. This can take up to six hours depending on the type of DVD player and battery size. If you are using a cigarette lighter power adapter, the vehicle may need to be turned on in order for the battery to charge. Most portable DVD players have a charging light on the front of the unit. This light indicates the battery is charging. When charging is complete, the light may shut off, flash or display a solid green light.


Step 4

Remove the power adapter from the portable DVD player once the battery is charged.




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