How to Check Who Is Connected to My Wireless Modem?

By Brian Richards

Your wireless network is susceptible to unauthorized access if you have not taken steps to set up protections. If your wireless network is unsecured, neighbors or even strangers walking or driving by your house will have access to your network. Any activity that occurs on your network is your responsibility, so it is important to know who is connected to your wireless modem. The configuration or status screen on your modem will list all devices that are currently connected to the network.

Step 1

Open your preferred Web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari.

Step 2

Click the Start menu and choose the "Run" option. Enter "ipconfig" (without the quotes) into the box and press "OK."

Step 3

Write down the number next to "Default Gateway." The number will be divided into four chunks each separated by a period. A very common gateway address is

Step 4

Enter the number you wrote down into your Web browser. For instance, if your default gateway was, you would enter that into the address bar of your Web browser (the same place that you normally enter Web addresses for sites you want to visit).

Step 5

Enter the username and password you supplied when setting up your wireless modem if you are presented with a login window. If you do not remember setting up a password, "admin" is a common default username and password. If this does not work, consult your modem's user guide for the default username and passwords. If these do not work, contact your Internet service provider or modem manufacturer for assistance.

Step 6

Look for a tab or link labeled "Device List" or similar. Click on it. This will display a table of all devices connected to your wireless network. If the name of any device is not familiar to you or is not owned by you, it may be an unauthorized connection.

Tips & Warnings

  • Devices will often stay listed long after they are no longer connected to the network. This means that it will be easier to spot unauthorized connections, but will make the list unusable for purposes such as verifying if a specific user is currently connected to the network.