How to Find the Device Name & Mac Address for My Laptop

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The Media Access Control, or MAC address, is an alphanumeric code assigned to certain types of networking hardware. The MAC address is typically assigned to a piece of hardware by its manufacturer, and they are commonly assigned to Ethernet cards. MAC addresses help to identify each computer on a network specifically and play an important role in network security. Knowing each MAC address on a network can help the network administrator easily identify and filter intruders.


Step 1

Click "Start." Type "system information" into the search bar.

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Step 2

Click "System Information."

Step 3

Click the "+" to the left of "Components."


Step 4

Click "Network."

Step 5

Click "Adapter" to view the computer's network adapters.


Step 6

Scroll down until you see a "Name" entry that contains a brand name to the right of it. This is the name of your device.

Step 7

Scroll down slightly until you see "Mac Address." This is your Mac address.

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