How Do I Type a Bullet in Mac?

By Riz Khan

A bullet is a graphical figure that is used to itemize a list. You can also use bullets to highlight a point or series of points. While a round bullet is most commonly used, other bullet types include square bullets, diamond bullets and a pointing-finger bullets. The method of entering a bullet varies from operating system to operating system.

Step 1

Open the application in which you want to type the bullet on your Mac OS. Place the blinking cursor at the point where you want to insert the bullet.

Step 2

Press the keys "Option" and "8" to insert a black, round bullet.

Step 3

Press the keys "Option," "Shift" and "8" to insert a black bullet, which is hollow from the middle.

Tips & Warnings

  • To insert other types of bullets, go to "Edit" and select "Special Characters." This will open the Character Palette. Select a bullet item from the Character Palette to view all the available characters and symbols in this category. Double-click the character or symbol that you want to use.