How to Change the Bullet Size in Adobe InDesign

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Bullets help your readers discretely process each individual point in a list.

Adobe InDesign allows you to customize the characteristics and appearance of bullets and numbered lists in your InDesign documents. The bullets and numbering dialog box contains options for choosing bullet characters that are different shapes and sizes. You can also change the size of your bullets by changing the default character style that is used by your bulleted list.


Step 1

Run the Adobe InDesign application and open the document that you wish to edit.

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Step 2

Click the "Type" tool and select the bulleted paragraph that you want to edit.

Step 3

Hold down the ALT key and click the bulleted list icon to open the bullets and numbering dialog box.


Step 4

Click the drop-down menu next to "List Type" and choose "Bullets."

Step 5

Select the bullet character that you wish to use.

Step 6

Choose a style in the "Character Style" list that has a different-sized font than the current font that you're using for your bulleted list. The size of your bullet will correspond directly to the font size setting in the style that you choose. Pick "New Character Style" from the drop-down menu to create a new style for the bullets. This choice opens a window where you can set font, size and other characteristics for the style.


Step 7

Choose the newly sized bullet from the bullets dialog box. Click "OK" to apply your changes to the document.

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