How to Make a Skull on a Keyboard Wingdings

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Wingdings is a non-standard font that comes with Windows computers. The Wingdings font does not display letters; instead, it displays symbols. Some of the Wingdings letter symbols include a bomb for the capital "M" button and a frowning face for the capital "L" button. You can also type a skull with crossbones below using the Wingdings font. The skull is produced by typing a capital "N."


Step 1

Open your text editor or word-processing program. Click on "Font" then select "Wingdings."

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Step 2

Select the font size you want to use in the drop-down box. If you aren't sure, you can always change it later.


Step 3

Click on the line you want to type a skull with Wingdings on.


Step 4

Push and hold "Shift." Push the "N" key. The skull appears immediately.




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