How to Remove Formatting From Text in InDesign

By Dan Howard

Adobe InDesign is a design and publishing application that you can use to create print and digital publications. When you create a document using InDesign, the font, text size and other formatting characteristics are determined by your default style settings. You can change these formatting defaults by applying changes at the character-by-character or paragraph-by-paragraph level. You can remove any formatting changes you've made to your InDesign document using the program's Paragraph Styles menu.

Step 1

Run the Adobe InDesign application.

Step 2

Click "Type" in the application menu and choose "Paragraph Styles." Doing so will open the Paragraph Styles menu on the right side of the InDesign program window.

Step 3

Highlight the text from which you wish to remove formatting.

Step 4

Hold down your keyboard's Ctrl key if you wish to only clear formatting that was created on the character level. If you are using a Mac hold down the Command key.Hold down the Shift and Ctrl keys if you wish to only remove formatting that was applied on a paragraph-by-paragraph basis. If you're using a Mac, instead hold down the Shift and Command keys.

Step 5

Click on "Clear Overrides" in the Paragraph Styles panel. Doing so will remove formatting from the selection and will revert the style to your document's default style.