How to Convert a .PDF to .ASCII

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The ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) format represents a plain text. The standard ASCII set has 128 characters and includes letters of the English alphabet as well as symbols such as exclamation marks and commas. In some cases, ACSII format is preferable to the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). For example, text files can be easily edited or conveniently distributed over the Internet. The main PDF software, Adobe Acrobat, allows you to convert a PDF document into an ASCII file.


Step 1

Open Adobe Acrobat by clicking its desktop icon or using the Windows "Start" menu.

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Step 2

Click on "File," then "Open" to browse your computer for the appropriate file. Once you find it, double-click on the file to open the Adobe document.


Step 3

Click "File" again and choose "Save As."

Step 4

Select "Text (plain) (*.txt)" in the "Save as type" drop-down list.


Step 5

Type a desired name for the ASCII file in the field "File name."

Step 6

Click the "Save" button to convert the PDF file to the ASCII format.




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