How to Create Invitations on a Mac

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Creating an invitation on a Mac computer is simple once you have a basic word processing program. Mac produces its own software, similar to Microsoft Office, called iWork. A program that is a part of iWork--known as Pages--allows you to create invitations efficiently. Pages offers a variety of templates that contain spaces for you to add your personalized messages. Once you create an invitation, you can save the invite to your computer to use for future events, making the program convenient and resourceful.


Things You'll Need

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  • iWork 2009
  • Card stock
  • Printer

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Step 1

Open up the program "Pages '09." Once the program opens, a list of page layout selections will be available on the left.


Step 2

Select "Invitations" and choose the layout and theme of you invite from the list that populates. Use your mouse or keyboard to hit the "Choose" button once you select an invitation template.

Step 3

Replace the wording on the text with your own words on the invite. Double-click on the words to highlight the text that you wish to change.


Step 4

Change the font style, size and color. Experiment with the options available to customize your invitation. The font tools function begins at the upper left side of your window on the menu bar.

Step 5

Scroll down, if your invitation has two pages. The first page consists of an invitation cover, and the second page will be the actual invitation. Change the invitation template text to your own words. You will need to experiment with the wording of the invitation and with the font tools to make the invitation suit your tastes.



Step 6

Include important details on your invitation. Make sure that you list the date, time and location on your invite. Include directions, the theme or the host of the party as additional details on the invite.

Step 7

Print the first page of your invite on card stock. Choose "Print" from the top of the window, where the menu bar is located.


Step 8

Flip the card stock over, and send it through your printer to print the second side of the invitation. Fold the invite in half, and begin stuffing them in envelopes or handing them out to your guests.



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