How to Make a Tri-fold Brochure in Microsoft Word for Mac

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Create your own brochure using Microsoft Word's templates.
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Creating a tri-fold brochure is a handy way to advertise or inform people about your business or cause. You can quickly create your own professional-looking brochures using the Microsoft Word program for Mac. From inside the program, you can download a tri-fold brochure template that fits your needs and simply edit the template's placeholder text and images to create your own brochure.


Step 1

Open the Microsoft Word program on your Mac.

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Step 2

Click on "File" in the program menu at the top of the screen and select the "New" option from the drop-down menu.

Step 3

Click the "Microsoft Office Online" option in the left sidebar of the "New Project" window. Select the "Brochures" option from the drop-down list of options that opens.


Step 4

Wait for the available brochure templates to load in the main frame of the "New Project" window. Scroll down through the templates until you find a tri-fold template that you like. Click the "Download" button below it. Wait for the template to download and the new project to open.



Step 5

Replace the placeholder text and images with the text and images that you want to use in your brochure.

Step 6

Click "File" in the program menu and select the "Save" option from the drop-down menu to save the brochure. Click "File" again and select the "Print" option to print the brochure.



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