How to Make an Arrow Symbol on a Mac

By Kat Walcott

Insert an arrow into your text on Mac OSX Yosemite by accessing your computer's Emoji and Symbols menu.

Mac OSX Yosemite enables you to insert different types of arrows into your text through its Emoji & Symbols menu. Insert the symbol into any type of text, such as word processor documents and emails, to highlight important information or just as a decorative element. Over 100 different styles of arrows are included in the Emoji & Symbols menu.

Step 1

Click Edit in the menu bar. This option appears no matter which program or application you use, such as a Web browser like Safari or any word processor including Pages, Notes and Word.

Step 2

Select Emoji & Symbols in the drop-down menu.

Click Emoji & Symbols

Step 3

Click Arrows in the Characters menu

Click Arrows

Step 4

Double-click the arrow of your choice in the menu to insert it into your text. To make your search easier, the arrows are divided into seven sub-categories depending on the direction in which they point.

Choose arrow in menu


If you insert arrows into a word processor such as Pages or Word, treat the arrow just like regular font -- create spaces between it, change the color and size, add underline and more.