How to Connect a Turntable to a Receiver Without a Phono Input

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The phono inputs on receivers that have them boost a turntable's signal, which is too weak to drive an amplifier's line-level input on its own. In this case, the receiver has a built-in preamplifier that increases the turntable's signal to useful levels. You can, however, use a receiver without phono inputs by connecting an external phono preamplifier between the turntable and the receiver.


Step 1: Turn Power Off

Turn power off to your receiver, turntable and preamp.

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Step 2: Connect Turntable to Preamp

Connect the two output audio cables coming from the turntable to the preamp's inputs.

Step 3: Connect Preamp to Receiver

Connect two cables to the preamp's outputs, one cable to each output. Connect the other end of these cables to the receiver's line-level inputs. The receiver inputs may be marked "Line," "Aux" or "Tape." Switch the receiver's input-select knob to this setting when you use the turntable.



Step 4: Ground Turntable to Preamp

Connect the turntable's ground wire to the grounding post on the preamplifier.

Step 5: Turn Power On

Turn power on to your receiver, turntable and preamp.



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