How to Convert a WAV File to Text

Wav to Text software converts WAV audio files into text by use of its intelligible human voice synthesis capabilities. This technology was originally developed for the deaf so that they can read material that was created in a audible format. Now WAV to text software is being used by the common user for everything from creating text records of spoken material and for educational purposes. Many free applications exist for making this conversion on the Internet.

Step 1

Download and install a free WAV to Text program. Open the program by going to "Start," "All Programs," and then selecting the WAV to Text software that you have installed. All WAV to text applications work in the same manner, so these instructions will apply to all of them.

Step 2

Add the WAV file that you want to convert to text to a new project in the converter. You can locate the WAV for editing by browsing your computer, or entering in the location on the drive manually.

Step 3

Save the project as a text document or choose the option to view the text immediately in the application. You may be able to make a saved document of the file, or may only have the capability to read the text from the interface, depending on the program's capabilities. Either way, the WAV file is now in a readable format.

Things You'll Need

  • Windows

  • Wave to Text software