How to Justify Text in PowerPoint

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PowerPoint is a popular presentation software.

The definition of "justified text" is text that is aligned at both the left and right margins, forming a "square" of text. In other words, the left and right margins are straight. When you justify text, it sometimes creates larger white spaces between the words in the paragraph. This alignment can create a clean appearance to a presentation that has been created in PowerPoint.


Step 1

Open the PowerPoint presentation and choose the slide where the text is located.

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Step 2

Click in the text box that contains the text to be justified.

Step 3

Press "Ctrl" and "A" at the same time. This command highlights all of the text in the box. Then press "Ctrl" and "J" to justify the text.


Step 4

Save the presentation once you are satisfied with the appearance of the text.

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