How to Set Margins in PowerPoint

By Benjamin Aries

The PowerPoint presentation program enables you to create pages or "slides" of information, which can include images and text. All text must be inside a text box, which is sometimes referred to as a "shape" within PowerPoint. If the text inside a box is too close to the edges of the slide or another object, you can adjust the margins. Enter an exact amount of spacing, or simply increase and decrease the margins until they look good on the slide.

Step 1

Right-click on a text box on the current slide. Choose "Format Shape" to open the Shape Options box,

Step 2

Click "Text Options," which is located near the right side of the window. Select "Text Box." This is marked with a small "A" icon.

Step 3

Adjust the margins for the left, right, top and bottom sides of the box. Click the up or down arrows to increase and decrease the margin for each side.

Step 4

Enter the exact amount of margin spacing for each side, if you know precisely the number you want. This amount is usually measured in decimal inches, such as "0.05."

Step 5

Click the "Wrap Text In Shape" option box if you want the text to automatically split into multiple lines when it reaches the margins of the text box. Un-check this option if you want the text to overflow beyond the margins.

Tips & Warnings

  • This information applies to Microsoft PowerPoint 2013, and is correct as of May 2014. It may vary slightly or significantly for different versions of this software.