How to Make a Brochure in Microsoft PowerPoint

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PowerPoint is primarily a visual medium, meaning it can be used to create all sorts of materials like flyers, pamphlets and brochures.
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PowerPoint is primarily a visual medium, meaning it can be used to create all sorts of materials like flyers, pamphlets and brochures. You can create a tri-fold pamphlet by searching online for PowerPoint brochure templates, or you can use the table feature to quickly make a tri-fold brochure to print at home or send as a PDF to a commercial printer.


Step 1

In PowerPoint 2013 and later versions, create a new PowerPoint presentation. Press Ctrl-A and then Delete to clear the text boxes from the slide. Click the Design tab and click the Slide Size icon in the ribbon. Enter a Width of 11 inches and a Height of 8.5 inches. Click OK.

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Step 2

Click the Insert tab and then click the Table icon. Drag the cursor over the first three squares in the top row to create a three-column, one-row table.


Step 3

Drag the handles on the table's border to resize it so that it fits the slide, leaving a half-inch around for margins. To size the table exactly to 7.5 by 10 inches, use the Table Size options under the Table Tools Layout tab.

Step 4

Drag the cursor over all three columns in the table. Click the Table Tools Design tab and select No Fill from the Shading icon's drop-down menu.


Step 5

Right-click the slide thumbnail on the left and select Duplicate Slide from the drop-down menu. When you fold the brochure, the first column on Slide One will be the front, while the last column on Slide Two will be the back.

Step 6

Add images to the brochure by clicking the Insert tab. Select Pictures or Online Pictures in the ribbon and then select an image. Drag the images to their approximate locations and resize them by dragging any corner handle on the border. Putting the images in first lets you determine how much text will fit in each column.



Step 7

Type text into the table columns. Drag the cursor over the text and click the Home tab to change its Font, Font Size or Style as desired. Use a slightly larger font for titles and headings, or put them in bold. To center titles, click the Center Alignment icon under the Home tab.

Step 8

Adjust the image sizes and positions as needed. Text wrap doesn't work around images because the images are above the table. To make room for images between paragraphs, press the Enter key several times to insert blank lines in the columns.


Step 9

Save the brochure as a PPT file by clicking the File tab and selecting Save. Print the file to your own printer by clicking the File tab, selecting Print and then selecting your Printer. If your printer can print two sides automatically, click the Printer Properties option and select Duplex from the printing options. If your printer doesn't have a duplex function, print only the first side of the brochure, and then insert the paper again before printing the second side.


To save a copy as a PDF file to send to a commercial printer, click the File tab, select Export and then select Create PDF/XPS. If you have Windows 10, you can also select Print after clicking the File tab and then change the Printer to Microsoft Print to PDF.

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