How to Emboss Text in Microsoft Word

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Embossed lettering or images stand out against the background.
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Word 2013 does not include some of the text effect features found in the font options in Word 2007 and earlier, such as emboss and engrave. However, you can still create the appearance of embossed text using some of the text effects offered, including outlines and shadows that make the lettering appear raised on the document. Another option is to choose a pre-formatted option from the Text Effects gallery.


Text Effects

Select a large font, such as Arial Black. Type the text to which you want to add an embossed appearance. Select the text and click the dialog launcher in the lower-right corner of the Font group. Click the "Text Effects" button in resulting the dialog box. Choose a light color, such as white, in the Text Fill section. Click the "Text Outline" tab, choose "Solid Line" and pick black or another dark color. Click "3-D Format." Click the "Top" drop-down arrow and select the first option under Bevel. Click "Close" and "OK" to apply.


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Select a Style

Type the text to which you want to add an embossed appearance. Again, a wide font works best. Select the text and click the "Text Effect" drop-down arrow in the Fonts group. Point to the font styles in the gallery at the top of the options to preview how your text will look. Click on the option you want to use, such as "Fill - White, Drop Shadow."





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