How to Create Circular Text with Microsoft Word

Creating circular text is simple in Microsoft Word. With the WordArt feature, you can quickly arrange text in a partial or complete circle to suit your design needs. Since Microsoft Word is readily available for most computer users, it's the ideal tool with which to complete this project. In a few simple steps, you will have circular text that you can apply to a logo, picture or art project.

Step 1

Open Microsoft Word and click on the "Insert" tab. Click on "WordArt" and select a style of text. When prompted, enter your text and then press "OK" to accept.

Step 2

Click on the "Format" tab under the "WordArt" section and then click on the "Change Shape" button. Select the circle shape that is found under the "Follow Path" section.

Step 3

Drag the corner of the WordArt until it is circular. Alternatively, you can right-click on the WordArt, select "Format WordArt" and then click on the "Size" tab. Set both the height and width to be the same in order to get a perfect circle.


After you've created a perfect circle, you can easily resize the WordArt and maintain the circle by holding down the "Shift" key and dragging the corner of the WordArt to a larger or smaller size.