How to Write Text in a Spiral in Illustrator

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Create interesting text by adding it to a spiral path.

Creating text in Illustrator gives you a variety of tools to create an interesting look to the content. One such tool is the "Type on Path" tool, which allows you to add text to any path. For example, you can quickly create a spiral using the "Spiral Shape" tool and add text that appears to spiral or spin. With a few creative alterations to this effect, you can quickly create some content that will leave your audience mesmerized.


Step 1

Click the "Line Segment" tool for a few seconds until the sub-tools appear. Select the "Spiral" Tool.

Step 2

Double click in the artboard to open the "Spiral" dialog box. Set the desired "Radius," "Decay" percentage and number of segments.

Step 3

Select the "Type on Path" tool, which is the underlined "T" within the "Type" tool.


Step 4

Click the spiral that you drew previously.

Step 5

Enter the text that you want to add to the spiral.

Step 6

Click the "Selection" tool and select the text. Drag the I-beam just before the text along the spiral to reposition the text.