How to Do Vertical Text in Illustrator

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The ability to create impressive text effects is a much-used and important function of Adobe Illustrator. Type can be filled, painted, scaled, wrapped, rotated and used as a graphical element in a design. One such Illustrator feature is the ability to manipulate type in vertical rows. This is helpful when laying out traditional Chinese, Japanese or Korean text, which is written vertically in columns, or when creating a brochure or poster that would benefit from the look of stacked text.


Step 1

Open Illustrator. Create a new document by selecting "File" then "New."

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Step 2

Click and hold the cursor on the "T" icon in the tool palette. A side menu pops out. If the tool palette is not open on your workspace, select "Tools" from the "Window" menu.


Step 3

Click the vertical text icon, which is represented by a "T" with a downward-facing arrow next to it.

Step 4

Click the cursor on the blank Illustrator page. Type your text as normal. The text will run from top to bottom.



Step 5

Click the white arrow selection tool in the tool palette. Click on the text path to move it to any location on the page. Click the black arrow selection tool, then click on the text. Click the handles around the text box to resize, stretch, compress or expand the text path.

Step 6

Save the changes to the document.

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