How to Convert an .MHT File

By Foye Robinson

An MHT file is a single Web page originally saved as a Web archive with its embedded elements. The file opens in Microsoft applications, such as Word, Excel, and Internet Explorer as well as Opera. Opera does not provide options for converting the file into other formats in the Save As dialog box, however. You can convert MHT into an HTML file or text file in Word and Internet Explorer. Please note that some formatting and features may be lost during the conversion.

Step 1

Right-click the MHT file you want to convert. Select "Open With" from the pop-up menu. The "Open With" dialog box appears.

Step 2

Double-click the program you want to use to open the MHT file, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, or Internet Explorer. If the program you want to use is not displayed, click the "Browse" button and double-click the application to open it.

Step 3

Select the "File" tab and "Save As" in Word, or press "Ctrl" and "S" to save the file in Internet Explorer.

Step 4

Go to the "Save as type" box in the dialog box and select the conversion you want to use. Name the file and click "Save."