How to Convert Excel Formulas to Hard Numbers

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In order to derive complicated financial data, users often create multiple formulas in Excel spreadsheets to calculate base numbers needed to complete the more elaborate calculations. In referencing previous calculations for new calculations, you can run into a problem with circular references that must be solved before you can continue building formulas. If previously calculated cells now contain data that does not need to change, you can convert the formulas in those cells to hard numbers with a couple of simple commands rather than taking the time to manually input the calculated numbers.


Step 1

Highlight the cell(s) with that contain formulas you wish to convert to hard numbers.

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Step 2

Right click your mouse and select "Copy".

Step 3

Right click again and select "Paste Special".


Step 4

Select the "Values" option in the Paste section of the Paste Special box.


Step 5

Click "OK."

Step 6

Hit the Enter key. The cell(s) selected will now display numbers rather than formulas.




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