How to Convert Gigaflops to Teraflops

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The speed of modern mainframe computers is measured in petaFLOPS.
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Floating Point Operations Per Second measures a computer's speed based upon how fast it performs certain mathematical calculations. Your computer's FLOPS measure depends upon the number of processor cores it has, its clock speed and the number of floating-point or real-number calculations it can perform with every tick of its system clock. Like the metric system, prefixes are appended to FLOPS to help manage the large numbers modern computers are capable of. For instance, a gigaFLOPS is short-hand for 1 billion FLOPS. Other prefixes in use are peta-, exa-, zetta- and yotta- indicating 1 quadrillion, quintillion, sextillion and septillion, respectively.


Convert GigaFLOPS to TeraFLOPS

FLOPS numbers are denominated by thousands. For example, a teraFLOPS is 1000 times larger than a gigaFLOPS. A yottaFLOPS, however, is a quadrillion times larger than a terraFLOPS. To convert gigaFLOPS to teraFLOPS, divide the gigaFLOPS amount by 1000. For example, a 12 gigaFLOPS PC may also be said to run at 0.012 teraFLOPS.

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