How to Convert GPT to MBR on Linux

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GPT and MBR contain partition tables, which are used to define where partitions -- individual divisions of space that can function like separate storage devices -- exist on a disk drive. Most operating systems use MBR, although support is growing for GPT. If you have a computer that has multiple operating systems installed, but one operating system doesn't support GPT partitioning, you can convert GPT to MBR using gdisk, a partition tool used to manipulate the partition tables in Linux. Gdisk can convert a maximum of four partitions, as is the partition maximum for MBR.


Step 1

Click "Applications." Point to "Accessories," then click "Terminal." Input the following into Terminal: sudo fdisk -l

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Step 2

Press "Enter" to see the disk devices connected to the computer. The device with the asterisk next to it is the boot device. Write down the filename (for example, /dev/sda) assigned to the disk.


Step 3

Input the following into Terminal: sudo apt-get install gdisk. Press "Enter" to install the partitioning tool to Ubuntu.

Step 4

Input "sudo gdisk" into Terminal, then press "Enter" to run gdisk as a superuser. Input the name assigned to the boot device, then press "Enter" again.



Step 5

Press "r," then hit "Enter," to switch to the recovery and transformation options. Press "g," then press "Enter," to select the option to convert GPT to MBR on Linux.

Step 6

Press "0," then press "Enter," to convert GPT to MBR on the primary partitions. Press "y," then "Enter," to finalize and exit.

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