How to Convert MHTML to HTML

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MIME HTML (MHTML) is the file format that Microsoft Internet Explorer uses when it creates an archive copy of a Web page. It contains all the graphics, code and everything else the Web page needs, so you can open the page from your local computer without being connected the Web server. You can convert an MHTML file back to an HTML file so you can use it again or restore it if the original crashes. You can use Microsoft Word to handle the conversion. The process boils down to opening the file and saving as HTML.


Step 1

Open Microsoft Word.

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Step 2

Select "File" and then "Open" from the main menu. You can also click the "Open" icon on the main toolbar. A file browser dialog opens.


Step 3

Browse to the MHTML file and select it.

Step 4

Click "Open."

Step 5

Select "File" and then "Save as" from the main menu to open the Save As dialog.



Step 6

Browse to the directory you want to save the HTML file to.

Step 7

Enter a name for the file in the "File Name" field.

Step 8

Select "Web page (.html)" from the "Save as Type" drop-down menu.

Step 9

Click "Save" to save the file as HTML.

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