How to Convert Notepad to a Word Document

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Notepad is a word processing program that saves documents as text (TXT) files. These files contain only text and line breaks; they do not support other formatting, such as bold, center alignment and different fonts. Converting TXT documents to Microsoft Word (DOC) format will allow you to add formatting and better see how the document will appear when it is printed. You can convert TXT to DOC easily in Microsoft Word or a free word processing program, such as Open Office or AbiWord.


Step 1

Open the TXT file in Microsoft Word or another word processing program that can read and write DOC files.

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Step 2

Make any necessary changes in formatting--for example, changing the font to Times New Roman, eliminating unnecessary line breaks and adding bold headers.


Step 3

Go to "File->Save As." Under "Save as type," choose "Word Document (.doc)."


Step 4

Choose a file name and folder for your new document, then click "Save."




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