How to Convert PowerPoint to Visio

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Convert your PowerPoint slide to a different format to use with Visio.

If you've done project planning using PowerPoint and are switching to Visio, you may want to use some of your work-flow diagrams or other slides in Visio. Converting PowerPoint slides for use in Visio involves saving them in a format that you can open in the latter program.


Step 1

Open your PowerPoint file.

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Step 2

Click the "Microsoft Office" button and select "Save As." Click the "Other formats" option. Choose .jpeg, .gif, .png or .tiff.


Step 3

Open Visio.

Step 4

From the "File" menu, select "Open." Click "All Visio Files" and choose the output format you selected in Step 2. Click "Open."


Alternatively, download the free Flowchart Converter tool available from Microsoft to convert Excel, Word or PowerPoint documents to Visio documents. Download and install the application; there is a link in the Resources section. Start Visio and create a new drawing. From the Tools menu, select "Flowcharter Converter." Select the "Convert to Shapes..." option. Enter the file name containing the PowerPoint slides you want converted. Select the slide you want to convert. Click "Convert." Click "Yes" to place the shapes. Click "Close" to complete the conversion. Shapes that cannot be converted to Visio shapes will be changed into rectangles.