How to Convert Vwx to Dwg

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Converting .vwx files to .dwg allows you to edit the technical drawings in AutoCAD.

A .vwx file is a 2-D or 3-D technical drawing associated with the VectorWorks CAD program. A .dwg file is another technical drawing format associated with the AutoCAD program. A .vwx file can only be converted to .dwg format using the VectorWorks program; you cannot directly import .vwx files into AutoCAD.


Step 1

Open VectorWorks (not free, see Resources section).

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Step 2

Open the .vwx file you wish to convert

Step 3

Choose "Export DXF/DWG" from the "Export" drop-down submenu under the "File" menu.


Step 4

Select the .dwg file format, and choose any other options to customize the conversion, then click "OK" to complete the export.

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