How to Convert Pagemaker Files to Corel Draw

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Convert Adobe PageMaker files to CorelDraw by saving and importing with the EPS format.

Adobe PageMaker is a desktop publishing application that aids in the graphical layout of print projects. Corel Draw is a vector graphics editor used to design and manipulate vector graphics. Because the two programs are vastly different in their functions and capabilities, it is only possible to partially convert a file from PageMaker to Corel Draw. In Corel Draw, you can open a PageMaker file, but you cannot edit it.


Step 1

Launch PageMaker. Click "Start" from the "System Tray" at the bottom of the desktop. Click "All Programs" and then click "PageMaker" from the list of applications.

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Step 2

Click "File" and then "Open" to choose your desired PageMaker file. Click the file of your choice and then click the "Open" button to launch the file.


Step 3

Save the PageMaker file as an EPS file format. EPS is an encapsulated postscript file format often used in Adobe Illustrator and can be opened in CorelDraw. Click "File" and then "Save As." Choose "EPS" under the "File Format" drop-down box and click the "Save" button.


Step 4

Launch CorelDraw. Click "Start" from the "System Tray." Click "All Programs" and then click "CorelDraw" from the list of applications.

Step 5

Click "File" and then "Import." Click the PageMaker EPS file from the list of available files and click the "Import" button.

Things You'll Need

  • PageMaker

  • CorelDraw