How to Copy a Cassette Tape

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A dual cassette deck will allow you to copy audio cassettes.

Audio cassettes can be copied quickly and easily using a dual cassette deck. These have two cassette players built in to one, where one deck is used for playback and the other can be used for recording the audio to a blank cassette tape. These devices make it very easy to copy a cassette tape and also offer the highest quality. While you will have to wait for the tape to play all the way through, most dual cassette decks feature "high-speed dubbing" that will play and record at a faster speed.


Step 1

Insert the original audio cassette in to the "playback" side of the dual cassette deck. These are usually on the left side, but some models have them on the right side.

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Step 2

Press the "rewind" button to cue the original audio cassette to the beginning of the tape.


Step 3

Insert a blank cassette into the "recording" side of the dual cassette deck. Make sure it has been rewound to the beginning of the tape.

Step 4

Press down the "Play" and "High-Speed Dubbing" buttons on the playback side of the dual cassette deck while pressing down the "Record" and "Play" buttons on the recording side.



Step 5

Wait for the first side of the tape to finish playing and recording.

Step 6

Flip over the tapes to their second sides and follow the previous steps to copy the second side of the tape.




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