How to Create Animated Pie Charts in PowerPoint

PowerPoint has various animation effects that you can add to pie charts. Add a single effect to a chart or combine several effects to create advanced animation on a presentation or slide show. Start by creating the pie chart in a slide before adding and editing effects.

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Open the Chart button to see available pie charts.
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Open the Insert tab and select Chart.

Choose a pie chart for the slide.
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Select Pie and choose the chart you want to use from the list. Select OK to insert it in the slide. A data worksheet appears on the slide, containing sample data for the chart.

Replace sample data with your data to update the chart.
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Type or paste your own data to the highlighted cells. Change the column title to the title you want to use on the chart and the row titles to the data labels that will appear on the legend. You can add or delete rows in the selection. When you're done, select the X to close the worksheet.

PowerPoint has four types of animation effects:

  1. Entrance effects start an animation.
  2. Exit effects close an animation.
  3. Emphasis adds an effect to the chart either as a standalone animation or as part of another effect.
  4. Motion paths set a path for the animation to follow.

You can add one animation to the chart or combine multiple effects. For example, you could just make the animated chart fly in to the slide at the start. Or you could make it fly in, grow bigger and then fly out again at the end.

Start by adding one effect and then build others if you want to add more. It may save time to add them in the order in which they'll appear, but this isn't essential, as you can edit them later.

Choose an animation from the Add Animation menu.
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Select the Animations tab and then the Add Animation button to open up the menu at the side of the chart. Although you can also use the Animation pane on the ribbon to see effects, but that method opens over the chart and blocks part of it, making it harder to see previews.

Find more chart animation options.
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To see more effects, select one of the More options at the bottom of the menu. Select an effect to add it to the chart.

Repeat the process to add multiple effects to the chart.

Animation effects play in the order in which you created them. After you've added effects, you may want to change their order.

Use Play From to see how the animation effect looks on the slide.
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Select the Animation Pane button to open a sidebar with a list of effects you've added to the chart. Select the first effect and then Play From to see how the animation looks in this order.

Use Reorder Animation to move effects up and down in the list.
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To change the order of effects, select the one you want to move and use the Reorder Animation buttons to move it up or down in the list.

Select By Category to animate individual parts of the pie chart.
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Select the first effect in the list and select the Effect Options button. By default, all parts of the pie chart animate simultaneously. To animate slices individually, select By Category. Depending on the type of effect, this button also allows you to change how an effect appears on the chart. For example, you may be able to change size, direction of movement and position. Select an option to apply it.

Use Start to choose whether the effect starts with a click or automatically.
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Go to the Start menu in the Timing area. Select On Click to start the effect manually when you click on the slide. For automatic effects, select With Previous to set an effect to run simultaneously with the one above it in the list; select After Previous to make it start automatically after the previous effect has finished.

Change the duration of effects and delays between them.
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To change the time that an effect lasts or to add time between effects, change the timings on the Duration and Delay buttons.

Repeat this process for other effects in the list.

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