How to Create Your Logo in Microsoft Word

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Say it with flair using Microsoft Word shapes.
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Pictures speak a thousand words, but logos do far more talking. Logos have become icons that can identify brands and messages in a single swoop. You can add a logo to your Microsoft Word documents, brainstorming something that expresses your ideas through Word's shapes collection. What seems like a small collection of rudimentary squares and circles can give you a world of logo options.


Step 1

Launch Word 2013/365 and either open an existing document from your computer, network or the Cloud, or click "Blank document" on the start screen. If desired, resize the default Word page by clicking the "Page Layout" tab, clicking the "Size" button and choosing or typing a new page size.

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Step 2

Click the "Insert" tab and click the "Shapes" button on the ribbon.

Step 3

Click the shape for the largest element of your logo, such as a circle that encircles all other logo elements. Note that the cursor changes to a plus symbol.


Step 4

Position the cursor on the page and click and drag the mouse to form the logo size. For an exactly sized logo, such as a perfect square or circle, hold down the Shift key as you drag. The shape appears on the Word page and the orange Drawing Tools tab and associated ribbon appear.

Step 5

Click the "Shape Fill" menu on the ribbon to change the default medium blue Word color. Choose "More Colors" and click either a colored square or the "Custom" tab. Here, you can type existing exact shades, if you know them. Click "OK" to close the Colors window.


Step 6

Click the "Shape Outline" menu and change the dark blue border of your shape, Word's default. For a logo with no border, make the Fill and Outline colors the same.

Step 7

Click the "Draw Text Box" button on the ribbon. Draw a text box inside your shape. You can alter the text box's fill and border in the same ways. Click inside and type the company name, your initials, or any other lettering for your logo.

Step 8

Add additional shapes, such as overlapping circles like the Olympics logo, as desired. To get exact same shapes, colors and sizes, click the logo shape, press "Ctrl-C" to copy it, then press "Ctrl-V" to paste it, then drag it into place.


Step 9

Experiment with options on the Drawing Tools ribbon, such as adding WordArt instead of font characters, or different shapes and styles.

Step 10

Draw an outline around all the elements you just created for the logo and click "Group" on the ribbon. Note that if you have only one shape, the Group button is grayed out.

Step 11

Right-click the logo and select "Set as Default Shape." This step is optional, but may be handy if you plan to use the logo a lot.


Step 12

Save the Word document. You can also select your new logo, copy it and paste it into a graphics program, giving you much more editing flexibility than Word's small graphic design allows.


The Drawing Tools tab and ribbon appear only when you’ve clicked on a shape or other graphic element. If you click off the shapes and onto the Word page, these tools are hidden. Click the shape once more to make them appear again.


These instructions are written for Microsoft Word 2013 users. Earlier or later versions of the software may behave differently, including where to find templates and graphics, as well as the main start splash screen.