How to Delete a McAfee Event Log

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McAfee is one of the leading antivirus programs on the market. A free version is available for download, and a full version is available for subscription purchase. No matter which version you have installed on your computer, your McAfee program keeps a log of the activity it conducts on your computer. Some log files, such as computer scans, might be important enough to keep. But other files, such as McAfee updates, might not be necessary to keep. If you want to delete a McAfee event log, you can easily do so by locating the log.


Step 1

Click on the McAfee icon located in your taskbar tray at the bottom right of your computer screen to open the McAfee program.

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Step 2

Click on "View Recent Events" located in the vertical navigation menu at the left side of the McAfee window.

Step 3

Click on "View Log" to view your McAfee event log.

Step 4

Select an event, right-click on it and select "Delete" to delete the McAfee event log from your computer.


Hold down the “Ctrl” key to select multiple event logs to delete.


Beware of deleting an event log; it contains a summary of previous McAfee activities that you might want to refer to in the future.