How to Delete Text in Paint

By David Weedmark

Using Microsoft Paint, remove words from an image by painting or by copying and pasting parts of the background over the text.

Unlike other graphics applications such as GIMP or Photoshop, Microsoft Paint doesn't give you the ability to work in layers. After text has been added to an image in Paint, it can't be deleted. You can, however, remove the text by painting over it or copying other portions of the image and pasting them over the text. Another option is to crop the image to remove the area that contains text.

Painting Over Text

Step 1

Open the image in Paint. Click the Edit Colors icon above the image.

Step 2

Select a color to paint over the text.

Select a color by clicking the the rainbow-colored menu in the Edit Colors window. Alternatively, enter the Red, Green and Blue values for a specific RGB color or the Hue, Saturation and Lightness values for an HSL color. Click OK.

Step 3

Select a brush style.

Click the Brushes icon and select a brush or pencil style. The Brush option, which is the first icon, should work for most images; however, the Airbrush and the Oil Brush may work well for textured surfaces.

Step 4

Select the widest brush thickness.

Click the Size icon and select a thickness for the brush. In most cases, select the largest thickness.

Step 5

Paint over the text.

Color over the text with the brush. For complex surfaces, you can break up the painted area by going over the text again with a smaller brush using a smaller brush size or by copying selections from the image and pasting them over the colored text.

Using Copy and Paste

Step 1

Copy an area similar to the area covered by the text.

Click the Select icon above the image. Drag the cursor over an area that resembles the area below the text. Press Ctrl-C to copy the selection and Ctrl-V to paste the copy. The copied selection appears in the upper-left corner of the image.

Step 2

Drag the copied selection over the text.

Drag the copied selection over the text. When you click anywhere outside the selection, it becomes part of the image and can't be selected and moved again. However, if you press Ctrl-Z to undo your previous edit, the pasted copy is removed, so you can start again if you make a mistake.

Step 3

Copy and paste small selections over the edges.

Zoom in and out of the image. If the pasted selection creates a noticeable border because of differences in texture or color, break up that boundary by copying and pasting smaller selections over the border.


Step 1

Drag the Selection tool over the image.

Click the Select icon above the image. Drag the cursor over the portion of the image that doesn't have any text in it.

Step 2

Click the Crop icon to crop the image.

Click the Crop icon. The unselected portion of the image is removed.

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