How to Disable a RFID

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RFID tags contain a tiny microchip that is attached to an antenna. RFID stands for Radio Frequency IDentification, and can be used to remotely identify and track the item containing the RFID chip using radio waves. RFID chips are used in everyday life in things such as credit cards, toll road payment cards, passports and money. RFID chips are even implanted into pets and humans for tracking purposes.


Step 1

Determine the location of the RFID chip. Check for a shortened signature box on the backside of a credit card if the RFID chip is difficult to locate. The RFID chip should be to the right of the shortened signature box.

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Step 2

Position a screw driver or other similarly-shaped metal object over the RFID chip.


Step 3

Strike the screw driver with a hammer, driving the screw driver's metal edge into the RFID chip. Repeat until the RFID chip has been completely smashed.


Step 4

Place the RFID chip inside of a microwave oven and turn on the power. The RFID chip will be rendered useless after being exposed to the microwave for only a second or two.


To remove the RFID chip from a plastic credit card without destroying it completely, soak the card in paint thinner or nail polish remover for a few hours and then peel back the plastic to remove the chip.