How to Program a BC 560XLT Scanner

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Scanning arbitrarily to discover active frequencies can provide you with hours of fun. However, one of the most useful features of a scanner is the device's ability to quickly allow you to get up to speed on breaking news in your neighborhood—live. For example, with a little digging, an Internet search for fire department frequencies in your geographic area will likely provide you with tactical frequencies specific to your neighborhood. So, when you hear fire truck sirens, simply select your pre-programmed frequency—almost like a speed-dial on your phone—and follow the event unfolding. Here's how to program that frequency on a Uniden BC 560XLT scanner.


How to Program a BC 560XLT Scanner

Step 1

Turn on the scanner by turning the VOLUME/OFF knob clockwise until it clicks and you hear white noise. Then press the MANUAL button to stop the scanning and turn the SQUELCH clockwise until just after the white noise stops.


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Step 2

Punch-in the channel number where you'd like to store that frequency, then press MANUAL.

Step 3

Use the numeric buttons to enter the frequency. Don't forget the decimal point, which will show as a dash.


Step 4

Pressing ENTER commits the frequency to memory.

Step 5

Press REVIEW to confirm you've got the right frequency programmed. The frequency you've stored will show on the readout.


The Uniden BC 560XLT scanner is the same as the Radio Shack PRO-2025 16-Channel Direct Entry Programmable Scanner.